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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry



Unearth Los Angeles’ premier permanent jewelry haven, where extraordinary perks await you.

And you would like to make a free appointment for permanent jewelry, please choose the time and date.

We are located at 8316 W 3rd street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Permanent jewelry is custom-fitted and welded shut to your wrist or ankle in order to keep it on for a lifetime (if you so wish).

At JOGAVI, you can customize your own permanent bracelet/anklet by choosing from our collection of 14K GOLD, 14K GOLD FILLED and 925 STERLING SILVER chains + charms (including customized engraving for pendants).

Whether it's a gift for yourself, for celebrating a special occasion with your best friend, or getting matching couple bracelets with your partner, our permanent jewelry is suitable for everyday wear.

You can customize necklaces, bracelets, or anklets of any size with the chain you chose. And if you want, we can make it regular jewelry with clasp for you.

How it works

1. Choose your chain
2. OPTIONAL: Choose your charm(s)
3. Get measured
4. Become bonded
5. Treasure forever

If you're new to permanent jewelry or have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Jewelry page.

Our Permanent Bracelet Price Range

  - 14K Gold real solid gold (Yellow and White) : starting $15 ~ per inch.

  - Gold filled : starting $50 ~ per piece , additional cost applies for anklet and necklace  

  - Sterling Silver : starting $45 ~ per piece, additional cost applies for anklet and necklace

   *. We don't use any fake materials. (We don't have any gold  plated chains.)

   *. The Prices listed are the starting prices for each chain material, and the price increases depanding on the thickness and design of the chain!


Pendant-engraving service available for permanent jewelry

 - Engraved pendent are a must for every fashionable people.
They have a fun and personalized feel to them.
In addition, Engraved pendent jewelry are versatile enough for everyday wear.
Slip them on alone or layer them up for a bolder look. Depending on which style you get, you can customize bracelet, anklet or necklace with initials, one name, two names, birth date, special number or special word.
In addition to getting your own name, other options would be to get the name of a boyfriend, BFF, pet, parent, or even a favorite word that you use for inspiration.


Permanent Jewelry Repair and Refund

All permanent jewelry sales are FINAL once we custom fit and cut the chain for you. We cannot offer refunds/exchanges because the permanent chains are custom fit to each client.

Although we cannot offer you a refund/exchange, we can repair the chain(s) for you free of charge if you bring back your chain(s) with your receipt at any time during our open hours. It is important to note that there is no additional charge for repairs given that the chain(s) is/are from JOGAVI.

If you live out of town/state and would like to get your chain(s) fixed, we ask that you hold onto your chain with your receipt so that we can fix it for you the next time you are able to visit.

We hope you can understand that we are unable to repair your chain(s) for you if you lose them. Without a physical chain to fix, we cannot help you.

We would also like to stress that permanent jewelry can be very durable when treated with care; however, it is fine, dainty jewelry. If your chain gets snagged or forcefully pulled, it could snap, or stretch like any other piece of jewelry.

After we weld and check the quality of your jewelry, it is your responsibility to take proper care of it. JOGAVI is not responsible for lost/stolen/mishandled/damaged jewelry/charms.

If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed above, please feel free to send us an email at Thank you!

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